Our vision, strategy and approach

About our mission

We are a vertically integrated global supplier and our vision is to be a reliable and stable partner for our customers, whose satisfaction is essential to us.

We carefully grow, harvest and process our hops into premium products to ensure they meet the strict standards of the brewing industry. Many years of experience in the field and reinvestment help us build a strong position on the market. Our passion for high-quality hops also earned us an award for the development of hop farming in the Žatec region.

In six centers (Blšany and Kryry, Běsno, Mšec, Nesuchyně, Pochválov and Staňkovice) we grow 6 varieties of hops, with the world-famous Žatec semi-early red hop (SAAZ) occupying the largest growing area.

Almost all major global brewing groups, including Asahi Group Holdings, South African Brewery, Heineken, Molson Coors Brewing Company, Suntory, AB Inbev and others, buy hops from us, mainly the aforementioned SAAZ.

A vision of a sustainable future

What we do is inextricably linked to caring for the soil and keeping it meaningful for future generations of hop growers. We are currently facing, for example, a lack of water or excessive production of greenhouse gases. In order to be reliable and responsible partners in the future, we are working on a long-term sustainability plan. That is why we are changing the established agricultural practices.

Our growers and suppliers, whose work we can always rely on, share our efforts. In addition, by starting to grow hops ourselves on our capital-linked farms, we have reduced the logistical demands of the entire production and can oversee how the soil of our growing plants and the environment that surrounds them is treated.

We apply the principles of regenerative agriculture and get the best Czech varieties to the whole world. For us, high-quality hop cultivation goes hand in hand with a sustainable future.

Company structure

Ing. Ladislav Chvátal
Managing director

Ing. Petr Francl
Managing director

Ing. Milan Staněk
Chief agronomist

Miroslav Karásek
Technical-economic officer

Ing. Jaroslav Zídek
Management Assistant

Ing. David Nesvadba
Head hop-grower at the farms of
Staňkovice u Žatce, Blšany a Běsno

Lukáš Knot
Head hop-grower at the farms of
Nesuchyně, Pochvalov a Mšec

Michaela Zajícová

Ing. Vladislav Minář
Chairman of the board

Ing. Radek Vincík
Sales director

Jiří Tomalský
Purchasing manager

Jana Birasová
Logistic manager

Alžběta Černá

Daniel Štranc
Managing director

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Chomutovská 3137, 438 01
Žatec, Česká republika


Anny Letenské 1120/17, 120 00
Praha, Česká republika


+420 415 212 920

ARIX a.s.

ID No: 27167046
VAT No: CZ27167046
Registered in the commercial
Registerconducted at the Municipal
Courtin Prague, section B, insert 14640


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IBAN: CZ7101000000351919020247

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